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Gotta love those wacky hats at the Royal Wedding!

29 Apr

Great wedding. Great dress. Great people watching. Great hats.

The end!

(Ando muy desvelada para escribir mis piensos, aqui les van mis sombreros favoritos y los mas raritos de la boda real, fotos de y

Posh y Becks plus one!

Chelsy Davy, the on again "date" del Prince Harry. Me gusta su "fascinator hat".

Muy guapa la española Miriam Gonzalez, casada con el deputy primer minister.

Guy Ritchie, el director y ex de Madonna, con su pareja. Very becoming!

The always impeccable Marie Chantal of Greece.

La Máxima es lo máximo. Aqui con su esposo el Principe Guillermo de Holanda.

La Princesa Letizia se me hizo muy sencilla. Bonito color, but that's it.

Las primas guapas de William. Son las 3 hermanitas y Ladies Spencer. ¡Qué bonitas!

Ab Fab! British socialites Santa Montefiore and Tara Palmer Tomkinson.

Ay!! Las otras primas del novio, por el lado de los Windsor. Eugenie and Beatrice were the "mad hatters" of the day. Nomás no dieron una, y eso que llevaban vestidos de los diseñadores Vivienne Westwood y Valentino. Aunque la mona se vista de seda...mona se queda.

The best image of the wedding, according to NPR. You got to love the humor of it all. Little miss bridesmaid was non too pleased!

Esta noche me desvelo con William and Kate.

28 Apr

Bring out the Royal Doulton china, the English Breakfast tea, the scones and the cucumber sandwiches. I am staying up all night to watch the Wedding of the Year.

Call me frivolous and old fashioned, I am not embarrassed to admit I love “royal chismes” and revistas del corazón. It’s my (non) guilty pleasure and fix. Yes, I buy “Hola” magazine at 6 bucks a pop, and browse through it taking my own sweet time.  “El chisme también es cultura,” como alguna otra revista del corazón decía, así como para justificar esos intereses vacíos que tenemos. And frankly, I have been in social situations where my “chisme fix/cultura general” actually came to the rescue. It makes for good small talk, you know.  (Another time the chisme-paparazzi in me generated an embarassing moment, a run in with a Mexican political “celebrity” family who happened to be shopping at Loehman’s, but that’s another story.)

Anyway, I’m excited about it because 30 years ago I watched Diana and Charles’ wedding at my grandmother’s house. I remember when Lady Di got out of the car with her father and the excitement we all felt when we saw the dress. This time, GRACIAS A DIOS, I will again share the experience with my Mama Lilia, as she has told me she wants to get up to see it with me.  And that makes me very happy!

(And I know my friend Alex will sneak a bird’s eye view at Westminster, wearing his most dashing suit. He’ll probably be eavesdropping and get the scoop. He used to prepare the best teas for me, the British way, with whole milk and honey. God I miss him.)

So good luck to the couple, William and Catherine. Hope they put on a good show, hope the dress is fabulous and everybody’s happy in the end. We need happy stories. As Newsweek magazine said recently on their cover, “In a world gone mad, thank God for a wedding.”

William and Catherine, Guillermo y Catalina, Wills and Kate, Memo y Cata... call them what you will, they make a beautiful couple. (Photo by Mario Testino.)

Vamos: LéaLA, la primera feria del libro en español en California

26 Apr


Todos los amantes de la lectura en español estamos de fiesta este fin de semana en LA.

LéaLA promete ser uno de esos eventos especiales que hay que disfrutar en Los Angeles, con escritores, intelectuales  y amantes de la lectura en un espacio enorme y con entrada GRATIS. Lo organiza la Universidad de Guadalajara con otros patrocinadores locales.

No todos los días tenemos la oportunidad de ver en persona a Isabel Allende, Laura Restrepo, Xavier Velasco, Ofelia Medina, Kate del Castillo, Lydia Cacho, Francisco Martin Moreno, Dayanara Torres, José José (!!!) y muchos otros presentadores en un solo lugar. Además hay talleres de lectura, de cine, de lenguaje e idioma, temas culturales, etc.

Ahorita estuve leyendo el programa y me emocioné mucho. ¡Quiero ir a todo! Espero ustedes se puedan dar una vuelta tambien.

Tendrán temas para lectores de todos los géneros, y algo para toda la familia, incluyendo un espacio de lectura para niños. Because it’s never too early to get them to love books.

Visiten el website y vean todo lo que pueden disfrutar. Aqui esta el link:

Programa LEA-LA

Por favor vayan y lleven a su familia. De verdad hay que asistir para apoyar este evento porque 1) es un esfuerzo muy grande traer todo este programa a California y 2) si no vamos, ya no nos van a querer traer estas opciones culturales gratuitas. Que vea todo el mundo que los latinos en California leemos y queremos más cultura y más opciones inteligentes.

Léa-LA es este viernes 29 y sábado 30 de Abril, y el domingo 1 de mayo en el LA Convention Center en Downtown LA, “Concourse Hall”. Direccion es 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015. Abierto desde las 10am hasta las 7pm. Entrada Libre!

Better get moving people.

25 Apr

Let’s file this one under Health Tips: buenos, bonitos y baratos

Ay, ay, ay. Feeling a little weird this morning. Maybe because the weather finally changed in LA and it’s getting nice and warm. And I’m feeling big and heavy (Ooops was that my inside voice?)… Confieso que I had a little too many sweet treats for Easter.  Prácticamente celebre todo el weekend, and today I’m paying for it.

On my ride to work today, I heard this piece on NPR about physical fitness vs. sitting all day. It made me think about how much time I spend SITTING DOWN. Whether at work or watching my tivo’s (hello Reina del Sur!) I can tell you, it’s at least 8 hours. Even if I walk for 30 minutes plus, those 8 hours sitting down are taking a toll on the body.

So if you have 7 minutes, listen to this piece. If you don’t, and you also spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer,  just make it a point to move, stretch or walk in place for at least one minute an hour. The body needs to snap back into movement for all the time it’s spent idle, and we need to move and contract our muscles, otherwise we’ll lose them. (Como dicen por ahi, “Use it or lose it.”)  So now I’m setting up a reminder on the computer to prompt me to move every hour for a few minutes, which is what they recommended in the piece. Click below to go to NPR.

Sitting All Day is Worse for You than You Think. April 25, 2011. NPR

And since we’re on the subject of sitting down in front of the computer, here’s a great tip that mi Tia Marie sent me over the weekend. We should all be improving our posture as we sit and type, otherwise we’re going to look like Hunchbacks of Notre Dame in our old age (Cancelado. Cancelado. Cancelad0!)

Here’s the clip. Put it to use and have a great work week.

Monday morning boo: KIA que tontería.

18 Apr

Ok, it’s Monday. Bear with me as I rant about a meaningless item I ran across during my morning commute.

As I sat down to relax on the  metro and browsed through Real Simple magazine’s May issue, I came across this double page KIA ad that made me upset:

What in the world does a KIA Optima have to do with Hispanic indigenous culture?

What a weird concept: Slap a new silver car with a background that looks like Chichen-Itza, add a Latino looking dude in pseudo-Maya Indian looking gear and hope it sells cars to women in the 18-49 demo, right?

Looking for an "ancient chief"? Just make him look ethnic, put plumas on his head and a long skirt on his legs. There, that will do it!

Why should I even care, you ask? No es para tanto, nobody reads print ads anyway, right?

Well I do, and I am irked that some anglo copywriter and agency creative, who clearly has no clue about the Mayan culture or whomever they were trying to represent, used some generic crappy wordplay to convey an absurd message:

“This ancient chief could have asked the gods for absolutely anything. As you can see, he chose the all new 2011 Kia Optima…it makes perfect sense.”

Hmmmm, the “chief” asked the gods for this? Obviously they’ve never been to Tulum, Chichen Itza, or Uxmal.  The Ad Agency who produced this doesn’t know of the brilliance and mystical wisdom that characterizes the Mayan civilization.  Scientists, writers, astronomers, architects, math geniuses… they were advanced beyond our comprehension. But noooo, that’s not important. According to KIA,  what they really wanted was a car.

Another thing, KIA probably spent more on this 2 page spread in a magazine than what they care to allocate to their Hispanic media spending budget. Si supieran que we would probably be interested in this brand sólo por el price point if we knew more about it. We like and buy Honda, Toyota, Nissan. But Kia, nah, not so much.

Two years and counting! I’m a toddler blog.

14 Apr

Today, April 14, 2011 is my blog’s 2 year anniversary. YAY!

I just realized it 2 seconds ago and must now plan a little fiestecita to celebrate. Preferably involving cupcakes. And chocolate.

(Honestly, where does time go? En 2 años me han pasado tantas cosas, que no me la creo. Todo bueno, todo bien, gracias a Dios ahí vamos.)

Gracias a mis cuatro lectores por seguirme leyendo. You know who you are! Y a los otros pasajeros que de repente se reportan, gracias también. Espero tener mucho más temas de que bloggear.

¡ Y Que Viva el Spanglish!

Dos años se pasaron volando...

La J-Lo tiene más vidas que un gato.

13 Apr

According to People Magazine, Jennifer Lopez is the World's Most Beautiful Woman. (Photo from

Pues fea no es… ¿pero J-Lo as the “Most Beautiful Woman”? Tampoco es para tanto, People!

Como que le han dado muchas alas últimamente a la Jenny from the Block. Parece que the Idol judging thing has really helped her carreer again y’knoww?? (asi como dice ella).  She’s a spokesperson for Maybelline and Gucci; they won’t stop playing her annoying Lamabada song on the radio (que copiona eres J-Lo, de veras) and she’s on TV during the week, so now with this magazine cover there’s no avoiding her newest comeback. Is this a Ryan Seacrest deal? I would not be surprised. Hay que ver quienes escogen a los Most Beautiful and what their parameters are.  I say it’s fixed!

(Just for the record, my vote is for Natalie Portman: Beauty AND Brains.)

Cookbooks Galore

13 Apr

Cookbooks para todos en el Barnes and Noble.

Spring is here, Easter is coming up, and just from browsing at my local Barnes and Noble, it seems everybody is coming out with a new cookbook.

I don’t know about you but every time I see a shiny cookbook, it makes me want to just go out and cook something new. It does inspire me. I guess that’s the whole point behind the marketing strategy. You can cook like these chefs, so called chefs, and celebrities (so they say) but am I a regular cook? Not by a long shot. Who has the time nowadays?

So I was surprised to see a new cookbook by Eva Longoria, the Desperate Housewife, globe-trotting, UCLA student (she’s getting a master’s degree in Chicano studies, thank you very much) and Latino activist who supports mental health issues, children’s health, among a bunch of other causes.  Apparently this multi-tasker still has time to prepare home cooked meals for her familia. Or so the book implies, as there’s plenty of pictures of Eva peeling veggies, in the kitchen, con su mamá y sus tías, moviendo el sartén. Hmmm, I have a feeling it’s more her mom and tías that do the cooking. Just saying!  Anyway, it’s called “Eva’s Kitchen” and has the typical “latina” or mexican-latino fusion inspired recipes, with glossy, colorful pictures.

Eva Longoria's new cookbook is called "Eva's Kitchen."

Otra que no se queda atrás es la Gwyneth Paltrow, the overachiever everybody loves to hate. I am currently on “la-gwyneth-otra-vez -me-está- cayendo-gorda mode” but it is always shifting. (I have a love-hate relationship with her, which is more than I can say for the blogging community, which loves to hate her… but I digress.)

Goop's book. "My Father's Daughter" (Photo from

La Goop herself  just came out with a cookbook called “My Father’s Daughter” and everybody on the online foodie blogs came out to bash her, yet again, for her snobby, better than thou, life is perfect attitude. She can really annoy the hell out of people. But truth be told, she’s very talented, she can sing, hablar español, has good style and good genes. Enough said.

One of the tweets I follow on Twitter, Ruth Bourdain (fictional account that mashes Ruth Reichl and Anthony Bourdain’s point of view, you should follow it!) had a funny tweet the other day regarding the book:

So I was surprised when I happened to like the book, after browsing through it, and thinking, I really want to get it. Dammit! I loved the look and feel of the book, it has beautiful photos, the recipes look delicious, and achievable. Pero es de la Gwyneth, así que…I’ll admit:

Si tuviera an extra $30 bucks I might consider purchasing it. But since I don’t, right now I’ll just admire it at the bookstore and wait till it goes on sale, eventually.

Lo que me llamó la atención es que nowhere in the book, and I mean nowhere, is it mentioned that she is married to Chris Martin. Not in the acknowledgements to everybody who is important in her life, not in the thank you’s, not even in the back flap bio. Hmmm. That sounds weird to me.


UPDATE: So I was mistaken: looks like they are still together. Chris Martin was at her NYC book presentation-private dinner this week.

Here’s the link to the NYT photogallery. (Click here) Nice party! Ah the beautiful people.

And here’s the link to the companion article, Click:   She acts, she sings, she cooks?

Is Gwyneth trying to be the new Martha? (Photo from

La Reina del Sur keeps it real. ¿Quieres conocer a la Mexicana?

7 Apr

¿Están siguiendo La Reina del Sur? I’m as hooked as ever. Me da gusto que le esté yendo bien y que por fin Telemundo tenga un super hit. Todo el mundo está hablando de la novela y de Kate…que qué bien actúa, que están picados, que no se la pierden.

Creo que lo que más me gusta de LRDS es que no parece novela, parece más una serie como las gringas, tipo “tv drama”. Y soprende mucho que los escritores, y hasta el mismo Telemundo Network, no censuran mucho el lenguaje. Se edita con efectos y le bajan el volumen, pero bien sabemos que están mentando madres. ¡Qué bueno! It keeps it real. Así como cuando Teresa le reclama a Patricia (en el capítulo de anoche) que es racista, entonces le pregunta si nunca ha dicho cuando la ha visto que es una “pin…sudaca tercermundista“…WOW.  Y esa es solo una de tantas durante los episodios, algo que al menos yo no había visto antes en novelas, verdad Mexicanas?

"A ver Patricia, júrame que cuando me has visto nunca has dicho 'Pin*** sudaca tercermundista. ¡A ver júramelo!!"

Siguiendo con LRDS: Good news para los que viven en Los Angeles. Este domingo 10 de Abril.  Kate del Castilo, La Reina del Sur herself, tendrá una presentación personal en un evento del Club de Noveleras de Telemundo. Es en Plaza México, dirección: 3100 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood, CA 90262.  Están invitando desde las 12pm hasta las 4pm, pero recomiendan que lleguen temprano porque esperan a mucha gente. (And take a hat because it’s outdoors! Vamos a necesitar sunscreen también.) Si les gustaría saludarla, ahí va a estar junto con otros actores de Telemundo: Aylin Mujica, Eugenio Siller, entre otros. Aquí esta el link para mas detalles. See you there.

Club de Noveleras. Domingo 10 de Abril en Plaza Mexico, Lynwood. A las 12 pm.

Ricky, what the hell?

6 Apr

Ricky Martin anda en Mexico, touring and promoting his new cd. BUT he’s changed his look. And I don’t like it.

(It’s güero shaved punk meets schoolboy nerd… Not happening.)

Dear R, won’t you reconsider? Hey I’m all for you and your coming out, embracing your true self, really!

But don’t mess with your God given beauty, baby. Please.

From, posted today:

Ricky Martin en Mexico. April 5, 2011. Foto tomada de

Mi Mamá Lilia rocks!

5 Apr

It’s taco night at the house and that only means one thing. Mi grandmother is making a beautiful mess in the kitchen and making us a delicious tacos dorados de pollo feast.

When I got home to see her, she greeted me with her latest creation/accomplishment: sus cebollines verdes freshly picked from the backyard! And these are not just any cebollín. Have you ever seen such a huge green onion? She was so proud, I just had to take a picture.

Mi abuela y su organic green onion. Ella es lo máximo!!

She is one amazing woman. Best all around. My all in one Top Chef meets Martha Stewart meets Mother Teresa. And she turns 92 this month. Que tal?

Now if we can only convince her to speak English in time for her citizenship exam!

El Jay-Z ya tiene blog

5 Apr

I love Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z. Who doesn’t right?

He has a new blog called “Life + Times” and all I can say is Awesome! O más bien, quiero decir que que chingón le quedó.

Check it out:

Life and Times home page graphics. Love it.


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