Spanish Telenovelas, now refritos en Inglés!

18 Jun

Happy Monday everybody…

Reading the LA Times this morning, I found this article on the new telenovela trend catching up with our English speaking amiguitos, specifically how Nickelodeon and Televisa are currently producing a soap opera based on a mexican telenovela adapted for a gringo friendly audience.

Tonight at 9 pm Nick at Nite premieres “Hollywood Heights”…which is based on some novela mexicana that I probaby didn’t watch on Univision, but that garnered good enough ratings to justify the remake en inglés. It’s the same storylines, but with American actors, including a very lovely James Franco in a starring role. To keep it real and transition the content to English, they even brought along our very easy on the eyes and all around nice guy Carlos Ponce for an important role.

I am intrigued!

According to this article, Televisa has even set up shop in Santa Monica (Televisa USA) to keep producing these “refritos en inglés” so you know it has to be a long term commitment with the US networks.

Read the article here “Networks look to clean up with nighttime soaps” from LA Times June 18, 2012. And tonight let’s see what this “Hollywood Heights” is all about.

The cast of Hollywood Heights. Photo from

Carlos Ponce will have a role in the new English only novela, “Hollywood Heights” on Nickelodeon. Photo from

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3 Responses to “Spanish Telenovelas, now refritos en Inglés!”

  1. Gina Dewar June 18, 2012 at 17:48 #

    Ok, aqui la lista que me gustaria ver: WILD ROSE, THE RIGHT TO BE BORN, JOHN OF THE DEVIL, THE RICH ALSO CRY, BITTER CHAINS, LOVE IS A PRIVILEGE, WOLVES’ DEN, y STONE HEART… jejejeje… Cristy, love to read you friend… :) My truly talented friend… sugiéreles mis títulos de novelas… imaginatelas.. jajajja!!!

    • lifeinspanglish June 18, 2012 at 19:02 #

      Me hiciste reir mucho G! haha, qué buenos títulos! Saludos.

  2. telenovelas colombianas January 14, 2013 at 21:55 #

    Sin duda mis favoritas son las colombianas, tienen gran calidad.

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