Learn Spanish “pronto” with these Spanish 101 books

19 Jun

Traveling to Mexico soon? Don’t speak a word of Spanish but need to communicate and get your point across? Or maybe you just want to brush up on a few basic phrases?

Never fear, there’s always a handy dictionary/guide/ “tumbaburros” (dummy rescue) ready for your language needs.

I found these books browsing at the Kitson store in Santa Monica, but I’m sure you could find them on amazon.com or online. Leave it to a practical gringo (that’s a term of endearment my friends, I mean no disrespect) to come up with Spanish on the go  booklets to get you through your next trip.

“Mexican Spanish” is not to be confused with Spanish Spanish…Here’s a book to get you through Mexico without having to spend hours learning the important stuff like grammar and pronounciation.

Learn basic Spanish with your Spanish Flash Cards… or have your kids use these to not feel ridiculous when asking “Donday Es-tah el Bain-nio?”

A VERY CLEVER take on learning to pronounce Spanish correctly with graphics and smart icon references . “Cone Goose Toe” Spanish Slanguage by Mike Ellis.

“Cone Lee Moan: With Lemon”… “Poe-Yo: Chicken”… but of course you have to know who Edgar Allen Poe was, so it takes a little bit of smarts to read this. Me Gusta! (May Goose-Tah: I like it)

5 Responses to “Learn Spanish “pronto” with these Spanish 101 books”

  1. braintomahawk June 19, 2012 at 11:05 #

    The phonetics are kind of funny. Flash cards might be more my style.
    Right now I am using a chinese/pinying illustrated dictionary. It’s pretty thorough, but once you know the tones and structure, pronunciation becomes easier.

  2. Cristina June 19, 2012 at 19:52 #

    Me da risa el de Mike Ellis, pero sí ayuda a la pronunciación!

  3. Mike Ellis June 22, 2012 at 06:15 #

    Hi Christina. Thank you for mentioning my Spanish Slanguage book. I’m proud to be part of your lessons.

    Mike Ellis
    http://www.slanguage.com for more fun…

  4. lifeinspanglish June 22, 2012 at 07:27 #

    Hi Mike, it’s so cool to read your comment! Thanks for checking out the blog. My friends and I really enjoyed your book on our shopping trip, a very clever and useful way to learn some Spanish. Great idea! Cheers.

  5. DinoLingo.com July 10, 2012 at 08:11 #

    The way in which the books teach phonetics is actually pretty cool, it separates sounds and spells it the way it sounds so that one could pronounce it better. Great post! (http://blog.dinolingo.com)

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