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Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi talk “Guts and Glory”

19 Apr

Fans of Anthony Bourdain are a unique breed and I count myself among them. We absolutely adore the man and in our eyes he can do no wrong. Period.

Our favorite chef/writer was in town this week for a sold out presentation at the Pantages in Hollywood, where he shared the stage with our very own LA homeboy and the man behind the Kogi taco trucks, Roy Choi. (Gracias a la Karlita B. and Alejandra for the invite and to Lucia for coming with.)

“Guts and Glory” was the theme and it was a fascinating two hour conversation, interview style, con cada quien haciéndose preguntas from their own list. The main topic was food, of course, but it went far beyond that and turned into a great analysis of what’s going on today in our lifestyle, our culture, our worship of all things food related, business practices, good versus evil, celebrity chefs, and even racism in restaurants. De todo un poco!

The poster from the event.

The poster from the event.

Both guys are passionate about their stuff. Tony Bourdain was his usual, badass self when talking about McDonald’s and the other fast food chains, and how much he despises the fact that KFC now offers “boneless chicken wings” just to make it easier for the younger generations to eat the wings. “What does this say about us as a nation?!” The man is not shy about sharing his opinion, and when asked about his nemesis, la Paula Dean, he did not back off from his earlier controversial statements about her being the “worst person in America.” Yep, it’s pretty clear he still can’t stand her. As for Rachel Ray, he said they’ve made their peace and told everyone why he “can not dislike this woman.” (Se lo ganó la Rachel con un roast en donde ella le hizo unos comentarios un poco crudos that I can’t repeat here.)

But for me the real surprise was how close Bourdain and Roy Choi have become, even saying about Roy “he’s my brother from another mother.” Tony mentioned he was publishing Roy’s upcoming book and was extremely concerned when Roy became a vegetarian last year. “Are you OK?” he emailed him. Roy was charming, humble, honest and seems to be a really good person, concerned with the way his waiters and cooks are treated and even suggesting that homeless people be served at restaurants. (“Never gonna happen,” said Bourdain. “It’s still has to be a business.”) Me dio la impresión que el Roy es ‘paisa,’ ya saben como… buena onda, chistoso y muy chambeador.


When it was turn for the audience’s Q&A, most questions for Tony were related to his new show, to his travels and to what he eats. When asked what his favorite restaurants in LA were, he mentioned a few, but remember him listing Son of a Gun, Mozza (from his buddy Mario Batali) and of course, In N Out Burger. You can’t go wrong with that. For his last meal, he’s changed it from the tuétano-bone marrow he loves to Jiro’s Sushi in Japan (I recently saw the documentary and it is wonderful!)

As for “Parts Unknown,” his new show on CNN, he says he has a new list of places he wants to visit and has the green light from the network to go anywhere he wants. If things work out and the production is secured, one of the places he’ll visit is Iran, since he wants to go eat the rice there, which he says is amazing. Roy then added that he now wanted to tag along. (Nomás que tengan mucho cuidado.)

Of course they also plugged this Sunday’s show where Bourdain comes to LA again, but now it’s to Koreatown, or the hidden part of LA as he calls it. Looks like it’s going to be an interesting show since both guys have a good dynamic and Korean food is delish.

One of my favorite moments from the night was when someone asked Bourdain why anyone should travel and see the world. His answer was very simple and very heartfelt. “It just makes you a better person, to see the world, walk in someone else’s shoes. I can’t recommend it enough.” 

Come back to visit us soon Tony Bourdain! We love you.

Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi and their K-Town adventures air this Sunday on CNN at 9pm. (Photo from the on-air tv promo.)

Anthony Bourdain and Roy Choi and their K-Town adventures air this Sunday on CNN at 9pm. (Photo from on-air TV promo.)

Yeah. We'll be watching. (Photo from on-air TV promo.)

Yeah. We’ll be watching. (Photo from on-air TV promo.)

A big hit: Feria de la Salud y Bienestar presentada por Telemundo 52

12 Mar
La Feria de la Salud y Bienestar 2013 presentada por Telemundo, en el Convention Center de Los Angeles el domingo 10 de marzo.

La Feria de la Salud y Bienestar 2013 presentada por Telemundo, en el Convention Center de Los Angeles el domingo 10 de marzo.

Getting adequate and affordable healthcare is a concern for everyone, especially when you are uninsured and have a hard time paying for basic medical services to give you a profile of your health. Unfortunately, los Latinos somos de los que menos contamos con health insurance y menos vamos al doctor, so we rarely get tested for anything until we feel really sick. That’s a big problem.

We’re also a group at high risk for serious illnesses. The statistics are pretty alarming for diabetes, not to mention heart and cardiovascular disease. So it’s up to us to take care of ourselves as best we can and try to get to the doctor for checkups before a health crisis shows up. (If only we would do this!)

With the community in mind, the good people over at Telemundo KVEA 52 in Los Angeles organized their annual health fair, La Feria de la Salud y Bienestar, this last Sunday. The goal is to help by providing FREE medical services and wellness education for anyone who needs it. The downtown LA Convention Center was packed with approximately 30 thousand people of all ages and families of all sizes. Medical exams with on the spot results were provided by healthcare companies who partnered with Telemundo for this event. You could get screened for diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid disease, arthritis, have eye exams, receive dental care, wellness information, yoga classes, zumba dancing and win yearly gym membership prizes, y todo fue GRATIS.

People were in line by 8 in the morning, and by the time the event opened, thousands of people were already eager to receive their tests. Cortando el listón de la ignauración estuvieron el Doctor Ed Hernandez, California State Senator for district 24; Celia Chávez, President and GM Telemundo 52 KVEA Los Angeles; Dunia Elvir, from Buenos Dias, and Johanna Suarez, anchor, Noticias Telemundo 52 Fin de Semana.

You can imagine the lines were long, but the people were patient, sometimes a little antsy (especialmente cuando les estaban dando el piquetito del examen de la diabetes, que no duele nada) and everybody was extremely grateful. It was goodwill in action, as people left with a clearer picture of their health, follow up recommendations and resources to continue taking care of themselves para prevenir enferemedades y cuidar la salud.

They also had a chance to meet and greet (con besos y abrazos bien apretados) a la Doctora Ana Maria Polo from Caso Cerrado (quien tiene un fan base impresionante y apasionado),  Adamari Lopez, from Un Nuevo Dia (que es la persona más linda y atenta y simpática que se puedan imaginar) and some of the Telemundo 52 news anchors (muy guapos y queridos por su público) so that was very cool.

All in all a great day, which reminded everyone que lo más importante que puedes tener en tu vida es tu salud… Ya con eso, es ganancia.

Great job Telemundo 52!

At the Feria opening, Johana Suarez, from Telemundo 52, California State Senator, Dr. Ed Hernandez, and Telemundo 52 President and GM, Celia Chavez.

At the Feria opening, Johanna Suarez, from Telemundo 52, California State Senator, Dr. Ed Hernandez, and Telemundo 52 President and GM, Celia Chavez.

There were booths for every health care concern and service.

There were booths for every health care concern and service.

At the Telemundo 52 booth, people waited patiently to meet with the celebrities.

At the Telemundo 52 booth, people waited patiently to meet with the celebrities.

Photo opp! Tomate la foto con tu artista- standee favorito: Jose Luis Pila y Aracely Arambila de la Patrona; Rebecca Jones y JenCarlos Canela de Pasion Prohibida.

Photo opp! Tómate la foto con tu artista- standee favorito: Jose Luis Pila y Aracely Arámbula de la Patrona; Rebecca Jones y JenCarlos Canela de Pasión Prohibida.

California State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez and KVEA Telemundo 52 President and GM, Celia Chávez.

California State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez and KVEA Telemundo 52 President and GM, Celia Chávez.

Noticias Telemundo 52 weekend Johanna Suarez and a fan.

Noticias Telemundo 52 weekend Johanna Suarez and a fan.

FERIA sign

All exams were free to everyone.

The screening area, where people waited for their tests.

The screening area, where people waited for their tests.

The diabetes exam, un piquetito nada mas.

The diabetes exam, un piquetito nada mas.

Eating well prevents disease. En este saloncito de daban tips, to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Eating well prevents disease. En este saloncito de daban tips, to stay focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Puppet theater, to explain Obamacare. Hey that's very clever!

Puppet theater, to explain Obamacare. Hey that’s very clever!

President Obama explains Obamacare en español. Kids and adults were very attentive.

President Obama explains Obamacare en español. Kids and adults were very attentive.

Clases de Yoga para todos. Deberiamos hacer esto todos los dias!

Clases de Yoga para todos. Deberiamos hacer esto todos los dias!

Teaching kids to eat well, with veggies and fruits.

Teaching kids to eat well, with veggies and fruits.

Para adelgazar y divertirte, clases de Zumba que pusieron a bailar a muchos.

Para adelgazar y divertirse, las clases de Zumba pusieron a bailar a muchos.

Celia Chavez, Adamari Lopez y Dunia Elvir, de Telemundo.

Celia Chavez, Adamari Lopez y Dunia Elvir, de Telemundo.

Mucha gente se acercó a saludar a Adamari López de Un Nuevo Dia.

Mucha gente se acercó a saludar a Adamari López de Un Nuevo Dia.

Feel the love! La Dra. Ana Maria Polo de Caso cerrado, muy querida por sus fans.

Feel the love! La Dra. Ana Maria Polo de Caso cerrado, muy querida por sus fans.

Todo el mundo recibió un abrazo fuerte de la Dra. Polo.

Todo el mundo recibió un abrazo fuerte de la Dra. Polo. Tiene fans de todas las edades.

Los anchors de Telemundo 52, Edgar Muñoz y Ana Patricia Candiani, con Jessica Carrillo de Acceso Total y Alejandro Navarro de los deportes.

Los anchors de Telemundo 52, Edgar Muñoz y Ana Patricia Candiani, con Jessica Carrillo de Acceso Total y Alejandro Navarro de los deportes.

Jimmy Fallon + Mariah Carey + The Roots = A New Christmas Classic

5 Dec

Here’s a great new rendition of “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots, plus a few cute kids.
Click on the link to the video. I guarantee you’ll like it.

Needless to say, it got me, the official Grinch de mi familia, in a festive mood.

Could it be? Am I actually looking forward to this? Hmmm, ese Jimmy Fallon es LO MAXIMO.


From Jimmy’s Instagram. What a cool way to update a classic.

Spanish Telenovelas, now refritos en Inglés!

18 Jun

Happy Monday everybody…

Reading the LA Times this morning, I found this article on the new telenovela trend catching up with our English speaking amiguitos, specifically how Nickelodeon and Televisa are currently producing a soap opera based on a mexican telenovela adapted for a gringo friendly audience.

Tonight at 9 pm Nick at Nite premieres “Hollywood Heights”…which is based on some novela mexicana that I probaby didn’t watch on Univision, but that garnered good enough ratings to justify the remake en inglés. It’s the same storylines, but with American actors, including a very lovely James Franco in a starring role. To keep it real and transition the content to English, they even brought along our very easy on the eyes and all around nice guy Carlos Ponce for an important role.

I am intrigued!

According to this article, Televisa has even set up shop in Santa Monica (Televisa USA) to keep producing these “refritos en inglés” so you know it has to be a long term commitment with the US networks.

Read the article here “Networks look to clean up with nighttime soaps” from LA Times June 18, 2012. And tonight let’s see what this “Hollywood Heights” is all about.

The cast of Hollywood Heights. Photo from

Carlos Ponce will have a role in the new English only novela, “Hollywood Heights” on Nickelodeon. Photo from

Nice try, William Levy

22 May

4 shots taken with the iPhone from the Season Finale of Dancing With the Stars on ABC. William Levy came in 3rd place.

Pues he didn’t win the disco ball trophy de Dancing With the Stars, pero como dicen por ahí: No gano pero como me divierto. Call me “wishy washy” pero…in the end, despite my earlier criticism, I ended up rooting for William Levy. So it was kind of disappointing to see him in 3rd place. Pero reconozco que le echó muchas ganas.

(De veras que sometimes ni yo me entiendo!)

Anywhoo, it’s just another reality show coming to and end. Which means, ahi vienen los Summer reruns.

Had enough of William Levy yet? Parece que no.

25 Apr

The world’s greatest dancer he isn’t, but William Levy has managed to steal the spotlight on Dancing with the Stars. Lleva 5 weeks and he has become the flavor of the season con sus disque sexy moves and open shirt atuendos. A very “Chippendales” look if you ask me. The ladies in the studio audience go crazy every time he shows up.  Not to mention that Bruno dude…(ya bájale guey.)

This week he made the cover of People (English) and was also featured on People en Español on one of the little corners of the cover. (Yeah, yeah, they figure we’ve known him forever so they bumped him a la esquinita.)

So it seems his game plan is working. Bien dicen que “el que no enseña no vende”. Adding a little heartwrenching Cuban ex-pat story doesn’t hurt either.

But I haven’t voted for him yet. Su salsa no me convence, para ser cubano, you know what I mean? Como que le falta hip-action y mas soltura de movimiento.

Don’t kill me William Levy fan club! I’m just sayin’.

It's been a good week for Mr. William Levy. He made the cover of People (English version) and the top right corner of People en Español, al lado de Gloria Trevi y Chayanne.

La Reina del Sur, aka Kate del Castillo, y su entrevista post-escándalo Twitter

2 Feb

¿Se acuerdan hace unas semanas, cuando el mundo entero (incluyéndome a mi) opinó sobre el famoso tweet de Kate del Castillo y el escándalo que le siguió? Ah pues ahora Kate ya está dando entrevistas y platicó con Adela Micha (more on her later) about what REALLY happened that night she tweeted to El Chapo and what she REALLY thinks.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m not buying all her answers, but it makes for interesting television. There were a few moments in the interview where you could tell she was getting really unconfortable with Adela’s questions. Como siempre, la Adela no pierde la oportunidad “to make it about her” y le dice “yo te voy a decir, si me permites, lo que pienso al respecto….” (like we care!) En fin, dejara de ser Adela y dejara de ser la diva de las noticias.

Anyway, judge for yourselves, si es que todavía les interesa el tema. La Reina del Sur siempre da de que hablar, no? By the way, I’m still a fan, Kate.

Aqui esta el video de Youtube, ojalá que Televisa no lo quite y nos limite por no estar en México, como suelen hacer. Aqui les pongo el link a la segunda parte, pues son varias.


OMG! Kate's reaction to her post-twitter scandal.

New Spanish TV Network debuts in the fall: MundoFox

23 Jan

Big news in TV Land today…en Español!

According to a press release today by the AP, MUNDOFOX, a new Spanish broadcast television network is launching in the fall. It will be the Spanish version of FOX (owned by Rupert Murdoch, ya saben que no tiene la mejor presencia en los medios lately) and it will try to appeal to the Hispanic viewer. Ya ven como sí nos quieren mucho en este país y el español no se está acabando, como muchos creen.

Pues let me tell you one thing, Mundo Fox: lest you change your tone on politics and your own political agendas pushed by NewsCorp., I won’t be that tempted to watch. But if you have smart, modern and well produced shows that don’t feature morning tv hosts doing dance numbers with Mambo and ChaCha, or scripted sitcoms that don’t follow the recent fiasco of “Rob” (sorry Eugenio Derbez, I really wanted to like you on this show) then maybe that will lure us in.

They are partnering with los productores colombianos RCN, which made Betty La Fea (only like one of the best telenovelas EVER, which I used to watch religiously and blog about) among other smash hits. So it should be interesting to say the least.

Here’s the press release. Click to read. Let’s see what happens and how Telemundo and Univision react.

News Corp plans US Spanish-language broadcaster:

Esta semana voy a ver “The Latino List” on HBO

26 Sep

This week HBO premieres a new documentary that I’m excited to see. “The Latino List” presents 25 influential Latinos who’ve had an impact in society and who represent us in one way or another, in this day and age in the USA.

The movie has an interesting mix of personalities in all trades, from pop culture and music icons (Pitbull, los Estefan) to politics (Henry Cisneros) to actors (John Leguizamo, America Ferrara, the ubiquitous Eva Longoria) and other faces you’ll recognize. There are writers (Sandra Cisneros), media personalities (El Piolín, Eduardo Sotelo) and even Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor.

I’m also happy to see it because, earlier this year, the production company that produced this documentary contacted me and asked for a photo of the financial mentor Julie Stav  that I took a few years ago. It was during an event honoring accomplished women and Julie was part of that group. Me cayó super bien la Julie, y le tomé una foto que después puse en la reseña del evento aquí en este blog. (How they found it I don’t know, pero me dio mucho gusto that the producers wanted to include it.) I’m not sure my picture made the final cut, but I’m excited to see the documentary nevertheless. La próxima vez que vea a Ms. Stav, I’m going to have to tell her this story.

So here’s the synopsis below and if you have HBO, the documentary premieres this Weds. Sept 28 at 9pm on HBO Latino and Thursday, September 29 at 8 pm on HBO. No se la pierdan!

Screen shot from

¿Quién vio los Emmys? Apparently not mucha gente.

19 Sep

So the Emmy Awards were on last night and even though I was kind of curious, I skipped it. No particular reason, I was busy with other stuff and it just did not have much of an appeal for me this year.

I guess I wasn’t alone, since the ratings dropped yet again, for like the 4th year in a row, according to this link on HuffPo, but since they keep going against the football games on the other networks, it’s no surprise.

Yet after reading the recaps, there was a moment I would’ve liked to watch. It was the award for best actress in a comedy, which went to Melissa McArthy, the actress from Mike and Molly. Never have watched the show on CBS, to be honest, but I guess she must be good in it because she beat out TINA FEY, Martha Plimpton, EDIE FALCO!!, Amy Poehler, and LAURA LINNEY. Tough category!

All of the nominees stood up on stage, holding hands, Miss Universe beauty pageant style. It was so refreshing to show genuine support and a true feminine bond in an industry that thrives on antagonizing women against each other.  When Melissa was announced, she got a tiara, flowers, an Emmy, and everyone was happy for her. Aqui entre nos,  it was really sweet to see that she was recognized for her work, a pesar de ser la gordita del grupo. (Pero ese es ooootro tema, we need to see more real people on screen.)

To read about the Best and Worst moments from the show, click here for the review from the Los Angeles Times.

Arriba las Mujeres!! Great TV moment, las nominadas a Best Actress in a Comedy Role, presented as a Beauty Pageant: Tina Fey, Martha Plimpton, Mellisa McArthy, Amy Poehler, Edie Falco, and Laura Linney. (Photo from LA Times)

And the winner is... Melissa McArthy. Rob Lowe puts on the tiara. Nice! (Photo from LA Times)

¡Qué Guapa! Latinas represent. Sofía Vergara from the award winning show "Modern Family." Photo: Frazer Harrison/ Grazer images.

Charlie’s Angels is back. And we have a giveaway!

16 Sep

The fall season is here and I can’t help but be intrigued by the new version of Charlie’s Angels. (O “Los Angeles de Charlie,” como les decíamos en mi casa.)

They're back! Los Angeles de Charlie, versión 2011.

Yes, the fabulous tv show we all grew up with in the 70’s (for those of you who were around then…) is back on tv, starting next Thursday September 22 at 8 pm on ABC.

That's a good looking cast: Ramón Rodriguez, Minka Kelly, Annie Ilonzeh, and Rachael Taylor from "Charlie's Angels"

Drew Barrymore returns as executive producer of the show, after producing the hit movies in the early 2000’s and making the series hip again. (Me cae SUPER bien la Drew, además de que me encanta que sea muy lista para el show business y para producir cosas exitosas.)

The premise looks good, with a new cast and a new setting in beautiful Miami. The Angels are Abby (Rachael Taylor), Eve (Minka Kelly), and Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) but now we even have a Hispanic guy in the mix, Ramon Rodríguez, who plays Bosley.

Hey, it would not make sense for it to take place in Miami and not include alguien que al menos parezca latino.

¡Es guapo! Ramón Rodriguez es Bosley.

Here’s a preview of the show.

And now for some great news: To celebrate the launch of the new show, we have a giveaway for Life in Spanglish readers. (Ustedes saben quienes son.)

One (1) lucky reader will win a $50 Visa Cash Card! The card is valid worldwide so I can send it to you even if you don’t live in the USA.

For a chance to win please do the following , it’s easy!

  • Leave a comment BELOW and tell me who is your favorite angel (from the original TV show or movie)

The winner will be randomly selected and announced next Thursday Sept. 22.

Good luck! Y gracias por participar.

UPDATE::: And the winner is APRIL M. Thank you all for participating!



Lopez Tonight is cancelled. There goes the only Latino on late nite.

11 Aug

Pues qué lastima. Maybe you heard of the surprise cancellation of George Lopez’  late night show “Lopez Tonight” on TBS. Maybe you care or maybe you don’t (most people I know don’t care and didn’t really watch it) but today people are talking about it online, on the radio and on the news.

As an occasional viewer, I was sometimes turned off by his sense of humor (not my cup of tea, es muy “pesado” para mis gustos) and the midnight hour/schedule…too late for me. But I was pleased that he had the airtime and the show going, if only because of the ego, el orgullo de que un mexicano from the San Fernando Valley could make it to the big leagues. I guess what I’m trying to say is I did not really like his show as a viewer, but I’m sad it will no longer be on TV every night. (Does this make any sense?)

I went to a show taping once and let me tell you, George and his staff were true professionals. Those people work their butts off non-stop during the live taping. He is actually a very cool guy in person, chistoso, simpático y decente. But on tv he creates this persona that has to be constantly pushing the limits and can turn offensive (just ask Kirstie Alley about the piggy jokes!) Yet he was gracious enough to move over his time slot so Conan O’Brien could come to TBS with his new show last year, after his exit drama at NBC…So I’m sure this cancellation has got to hurt.

From his Twitter feed @georgelopez, getting all sorts of messages from fans and other comedians. He also tweeted to thank everyone for the support..

Here’s a link from the LA Times that describes his monologue from last night’s show, taped just after the cancellation was announced. Vamos a ver que dice hoy en la noche, a lo mejor se le ve un poquito más ardido, or maybe he decides to keep taking the high road and not speak against the guys who cancelled him…for this we’ll be tuning in.  The last show airs tonight at midnight on TBS.

Anthony Bourdain en Cuba!

1 Jul

The man loves pork. (And I love the man!) Anthony Bourdain in Cuba, July 11.

I ran into this promo today for “No Reservations” with my favorite guy in the world, Anthony Bourdain. (Bourdain Bourdain Bourdain, I just love your last name.)

Needless to say, I will be watching this episode, but also, after watching this clip, I’m about ready to book a trip to La Habana right now!! I would have to go via Mexico of course.

Miren nomas que belleza de fotografías! Y de fotógrafo, Roberto Salas. You can tell this is the kind of interview that gets Bourdain all juiced up, the kind of people he loves to meet in his travels.

All new episodes begin with No Reservations Cuba, which airs July 11 on the Travel Channel.

El amor platónico de Tessa y Oleg

27 May

Cómo les quedó el ojo con el capítulo de anoche con la mexicana y el ruso, eh?

Todos sabemos que “they’re made for each other,” pero también que hay amores que no pueden ser. Maybe in another lifetime.

Cuando Oleg le dice a su Tessa que “she’s the one“…pero que la prefiere de socia y amiga, se me hizo chiquito el corazón. Ay Oleg!!

Son lo máximo estos últimos capítulos de La Reina del Sur. ¡Animo mexicana!!! Tú puedes…Duro con ellos!

El gran final de La Reina del Sur es el lunes 30 de mayo por Telemundo.

Cuando Oleg le dice a su Tessa "Yo hubiera podido enamorarme locamente de ti, habría sido fácil...eres inteligente, hermosa, valiente...pero a cambio hubiera perdido a una gran socia y amiga..." creo que todas sufrimos.

This TV week is making me sad… ah cómo he llorado!

25 May

Ay!! Me está costando trabajo ver la tele esta semana…

Después de ver el finale de  Oprah, I confess I cried a little bit. Did you see it? Even though it sounded like a commencement speech from college, you have to admit it was a great way to say goodbye and inspire us  “until we meet again.” Godspeed Oprah!

Ahora me queda otro final, el de La Reina del Sur. Es el próximo lunes por Telemundo. Este como que me llegó muy rápido. So many things happened to Teresa Mendoza that it seems like a lifetime of suffering since we started watching her back in February. She’s endured, she’s fought back, she’s survived…for now.

El capítulo de anoche también “moved me to tears” (van a decir que soy una llorona, which I am, no offense taken.) There was this scene on a cliff by the sea, Teresa was crying and suddenly I just felt immense compassion for her. So much sadness! But she’s a criminal (we keep reminding ourselves)… and yet there is a decent human being there, a woman with a big heart, con mucho valor. We don’t see enough of these women on t.v., you know. There should be more interesting characters like her. And it takes a wonderful actress to play one. Kate del Castillo, you rock! Never once did you play her as a victim, or as the “sufrida” we all know from all the novelas de Televisa. This was one amazing role you pulled off. Tienes todo mi respeto, Reina del Sur.

La Reina llora.. y nos conmovió mucho.

Pues se nos acaba La Reina del Sur (Fotos del cast having fun on Twitter)

23 May

Después de ver el capítulo del viernes pasado, ya mas o menos se nos ha acomodado la historia completa de Teresa Mendoza en “La Reina del Sur” y nos estamos preparando para el gran final. Creo que me voy a deprimir la semana que entra (después de despedir a Oprah el miércoles, sigue el final de La Reina el lunes 30 de mayo.)

Se nos fue rapidísimo, y aunque se tomaron libertades creativas con la novela de Pérez Reverte, creo que todos los que la estamos viendo en Telemundo (y en España y en México) estamos de acuerdo que esta serie está excelente. I wish it didn’t have to end!! ¿Ahora de qué vamos a hablar en el “water cooler” todas las mañanas en la oficina?

Este fin de semana nos encontramos estas fotos en Twitter en el feed de Kate del Castillo. Se ve que todos los cueros de LRDS se llevan bien entre ellos. Ahi están el Gallego, el Teo, y Oleg (mi favorito!) con Kate y Conejo. Qué suertudos que la pasan bien fuera de cámaras también. Nomás faltaron el “Pote” y el GÜERO!! ¿En dónde los dejaron?

Sigan los tweets de Kate en!/katedelcastillo

Los tweets de “Conejo” en!/carmennavarrog

y a “Teo” en!/migueldemiguel

Y conozcan al escritor de la serie en Telemundo, Roberto Stopello, bravo!!/stopello

CAST REUNION DE LA REINA DEL SUR: Teo, Oleg, Conejo, Teresa, Ratas, Gallego!! (Con el escritor de la serie Roberto Stopello) Foto de del feed de Kate del Castillo.

Todos checando el Twitter. Roberto Stopello, Iván Sánchez, Kate del Castillo y Miguel de Miguel. Foto del Twitter de Marianne Sauvage.

OLEG!!! Leyendo "tweets". Foto del Twitter de Marianne Sauvage.

¿Y dónde dejaron al Pote? Foto del Twitter de Marianne Sauvage.

La Reina del Sur y sus hombres: Teresa Mendoza con Santiago Fisterra, Teo Aljarafe, y Oleg Yasikov. (Nomás faltó el Guero Davilo y el Pote!!) Foto del Twitter feed de @katedelcastillo.

TV News: Cristina is back, now on Telemundo

18 May

So the television Upfronts are being held this week in NY and one of the hottest tickets was the Telemundo event. I heard it was sold out and at full capacity, which is not unusual since they DO throw a great party (speaking from experience) and La Reina del Sur is a bona fide hit. (So sad to see it go, but that’s another story!)

One of the surprises of the Upfront event was hearing Cristina Salaregui, ex Univision royalty and member of the old guard, got her own show on Telemundo, the archrival. (That’s the kind of celebrity swapping thing you’re used to seeing in Mexico with Televisa and TV Azteca, when Azteca had a good name to it back in the day.)

I wonder if la tocaya will keep doing more of the same or reinvent herself, and if her famous Latino celebrity friends will follow her. It remains to be seen.

In the meantime, here’s the link from the LA Times and the Upfronts. Apparently, Ms. Saralegui is not shy when speaking about her former employer.

Telemundo Lands Talk Show Host Cristina Saralegui. (Click to read post by Meg James)

From the LA Times "Showtracker" Blog. Post by Meg James 5/18/2011

Oprah, please don’t go. (Yes, I love Oprah.)

14 May

If you’ve been watching TV in the last 25 years (and unless you’re a caveman, who hasn’t?) it is very likely that you’ve seen the Oprah Winfrey show at some point in your life. Maybe you’re even one of the fans and loyal viewers who used to tape her on VCR in the 80’s and 90’s and then switched to DVR the last few years. That is where I fall in, and frankly, I am in denial about the next 2 weeks when the Oprah show comes to an end.

I remember I started watching her after school. I was in the 8th grade and really liked the way she talked about things. I also remember getting her weight loss book “Make the connection” a few years later- already in college with the freshman 15 adding up -and thinking, “La Oprah es de las mias! She understands me. Oprah is my friend.”

We all knew the show was ending and we thought we’d be ok, right? She let us know way in advance last September.  It’s been fun to go through the reminiscing, to see the classic clips from her 25 year history, and all the memories they stir up from when we watched the show originally. But as the countdown keeps moving on…”Only 15 shows left, only 10 shows left…etc.” I have been getting really sad. Who is going to be there every afternoon/evening for us to connect with? Where will I go for an AHA moment?? Who is going to inspire me- again- to get a new makeover as I just saw on her last makeover ever? Oh noooo, she can’t go! I know she’s all happy she’s going to her OWN Network, but she won’t be there full time and it just won’t be the same. Buu!

Anyhow, I think the lesson (she’s always asking “What is the lesson?”..) is that eventually, we all have to move along with our lives, embrace change, seek new opportunities, reinvent ourselves… YADA YADA YADA, bla bla bla! Es cierto pero no me voy a poner a sermonearlos aquí! I don’t know, maybe in the “new” spare hour, I will finally use my time to learn to crochet.

Today I received my monthly O magazine and there she is, saying goodbye again.  Got the sinking feeling that her millions of viewers are dreading May 25, when the show is off the air and we’re all left in limbo. Y ahora quien podrá ayudarme?? como dijo el Chapulin Colorado.

Her latest cover of the O magazine. Saying goodbye, the long goodbye.

La Reina del Sur keeps it real. ¿Quieres conocer a la Mexicana?

7 Apr

¿Están siguiendo La Reina del Sur? I’m as hooked as ever. Me da gusto que le esté yendo bien y que por fin Telemundo tenga un super hit. Todo el mundo está hablando de la novela y de Kate…que qué bien actúa, que están picados, que no se la pierden.

Creo que lo que más me gusta de LRDS es que no parece novela, parece más una serie como las gringas, tipo “tv drama”. Y soprende mucho que los escritores, y hasta el mismo Telemundo Network, no censuran mucho el lenguaje. Se edita con efectos y le bajan el volumen, pero bien sabemos que están mentando madres. ¡Qué bueno! It keeps it real. Así como cuando Teresa le reclama a Patricia (en el capítulo de anoche) que es racista, entonces le pregunta si nunca ha dicho cuando la ha visto que es una “pin…sudaca tercermundista“…WOW.  Y esa es solo una de tantas durante los episodios, algo que al menos yo no había visto antes en novelas, verdad Mexicanas?

"A ver Patricia, júrame que cuando me has visto nunca has dicho 'Pin*** sudaca tercermundista. ¡A ver júramelo!!"

Siguiendo con LRDS: Good news para los que viven en Los Angeles. Este domingo 10 de Abril.  Kate del Castilo, La Reina del Sur herself, tendrá una presentación personal en un evento del Club de Noveleras de Telemundo. Es en Plaza México, dirección: 3100 East Imperial Highway, Lynwood, CA 90262.  Están invitando desde las 12pm hasta las 4pm, pero recomiendan que lleguen temprano porque esperan a mucha gente. (And take a hat because it’s outdoors! Vamos a necesitar sunscreen también.) Si les gustaría saludarla, ahí va a estar junto con otros actores de Telemundo: Aylin Mujica, Eugenio Siller, entre otros. Aquí esta el link para mas detalles. See you there.

Club de Noveleras. Domingo 10 de Abril en Plaza Mexico, Lynwood. A las 12 pm.

Cool anuncio con el Danny Trejo

25 Mar

Heard of this Brisk campaign with Danny Trejo? Maybe you caught his movie “Machete” last fall. So happy he’s getting more recognition, and being animated into this spot with a fun storyline  doesn’t hurt.

Here’s the clip. Love the production value…. Ojo: It’s a little PG 13, even though no se ve nada…digo, por si hay niños chiquitos leyendo el blog (that would be nice.)

Felicidades Danny. Se me antojo un cold Brisk ice tea a tu salud.


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